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Cruiser Spray Deck


Add a Spray Deck to your boat to keep you warmer and drier.  Installed at the shop.  To add a deck to a used boat, see Service.

The Cruiser Deck is a simple design that has covered many river miles on many continents.

Need a Cargo Fly?  Need help? see our Buyers Guide.

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The Cruiser Spray Deck is designed for simplicity and to keep you drier and warmer than an open boat in whitewater, wind, and rain.   The Cruiser seals along the left boat tube and up the left side of the torso with Velcro, which easily comes apart in the event of a wet-exit. An inflatable pillow sheds water and keeps water from pooling in your lap. This spray-deck fits on the outside of your PFD with an adjustable elastic, which does let some water in at times and why we consider this deck to be “semi-dry” . The deck can be mostly removed when not needed, leaving only the zippered outline and a small panel in the bow. The Cruiser is a very simple and effective design, with no extra pieces or parts to keep track of.

For a drier deck, see the Whitewater Spray-Deck.

Deck Weight: ~ 1 lb. (0.45 kg)

Need a Cargo Fly?  Need help? see our Buyers Guide.

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