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Alpacka Gnu Spray Deck


Stay Dry!  This two cockpit Spray Deck is a great addition to an already versatile craft.  Available only for he Alpacka Gnu. 

Designed for use with two paddlers kneeling.  Adds 3 lb. (1.3 kg.)

Attached at the shop.   To add a deck to a used boat, see our Service page.

Customize your Alpacka

The Gnu Spray Deck is a two person whitewater style deck with two cockpits for the Alpacka Gnu.  Designed for use while kneeling on the Gnu’s inflatable saddle, this Spray Deck turns the Gnu into a whitewater ready two person canoe.

Uses two lengths of pex pipe to create a ridgid coaming for attaching the included custom Sprayskirts.

This deck is completely removable!   All that remains attached to the deck is the zipper around the perimeter.

NOT compatible with standard kayak sprayskirts, made for use with the included Alpacka brand Gnu skirts only.

Weight of Deck, Poles, and Skirts:  ~3 lb.  (1.36 kg.)

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