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Row Frame for Fjord Explorer


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The Fjord Explorer Row Frame is a 2.4lb oar-frame kit with special-built 16 oz. oars.  Both can be disassembled for packing, and the oars can be reconfigured to form a feathered kayak paddle, or two short, canoe-style paddles (no t-grips).  An attachable skeg improves open-water tracking and a removable elevated seat improves rowing comfort and ergonomics.  The Explorer is easy to row and allows you to maintain speed efficiently, making it easy to cover distance.  Frame and oars made of aluminum.  The oar-frame and oars are not intended for whitewater.

The oar-frame can NOT be used with either spray-deck, however it will work with a Cruiser decked boat with the deck temporarily removed.

Kit sold separately from raft.  Compatible with the Fjord Explorer only.

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