Self Bailer (2016 Closeout)

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2016 Self Bailer Closeout Sale

The Alpacka Series Self Bailer adds the benefits of a self bailing floor to the best packrafts available, all made by hand in our Mancos, Colorado factory. The self bailer is perfect for whitewater handling and quick and easy exit.  In addition, take your control to the next level by adding in a backband and thigh straps. You can also add a Cargo Fly. On sale while supplies last.

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Add Thigh Straps and Backband

Add a Cargo Fly with Ultralight Dry Bags

The Cargo Fly is an airtight Ti-Zip zipper that allows you to store your gear inside the raft. Cargo Fly orders may take up to 4-weeks to fill due to availability.

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Self Bailer– Easy Entry and Exit, Whitewater Handling, Warm Climates:

Introduced in 2016, the Self Bailer is available in all 4 sizes of our Alpacka Raft Series (the Alpaca, Yak, Llama, Mule) instead of a spray deck or open boat. Our unique self bailing system is designed to optimize the balance between lightweight and durability that is essential to a high performance packraft, and features:

  • A durable lightweight nylon sleeve attached to the floor beginning just behind the foot area, which protects the inflatable self-bailing floor insert from wear and tear.
  • A tapered inflatable pillow inserted into the sleeve and inflated to lock in place.
  • A smaller inflatable pillow attached to the foot area, allowing your heels to sit below your butt for optimal paddling position and comfort. This is also the highest wear area in the boat. By separating the foot pillow from the main inflatable floor, the self bailing feature will remain intact if the foot pillow is damaged from wear and tear, and repair/replacement costs are minimized. NOTE – The Fjord Explorer utilizes a full length self bailing pillow.
  • Drain holes are placed along either side of the inflatable floor.
  • Backband and 4-point thigh strap ready and can be purchased as an additional option by contacting us.
  • Weight: Adds ~6-8oz. to the base boat weight (not including backband and thigh straps).

Benefits of the self bailer are improved handling crossing eddylines and surfing holes, quicker entry and exit for scouting and portaging, and keeping cool in warm climates. However, the self-bailer has a slightly deeper draft and is the wettest and most exposed configuration. Keep this in mind in if you plan to use the boat in cold climates, especially long days on shallow arctic rivers. The self bailer offers better performance than the Whitewater Spray Deck when the boat is unloaded (i.e. day trips or lightweight overnights) due to the extra ballast of the water in the floor system, but the Whitewater Spray Deck offers better performance when the boat is fully loaded for a longer backcountry trip.

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