Aqua-Bound Shred Apart


Aqua-Bound Shred Apart Carbon Paddle

An Alpacka Raft Exclusive! The Shred Apart is a Shred Carbon kayak paddle that converts into two canoe paddles for two person use.  A perfect match for the Gnu, FX42, and Forager.

Weight: 40 oz. (kayak paddle only), 26 oz. (each canoe paddle), 52 oz. (entire system)

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An Alpacka Raft Exclusive!

The Aqua-Bound Shred Apart is a convertible kayak/canoe paddle, which makes it perfect for all of our Cargo Series packrafts. The Shred Apart starts with the same base paddle as Aqua-Bound’s classic Shred Carbon kayak paddle, but includes a pair of T-handle extensions that convert the kayak paddle into a pair of canoe paddles. With the Cargo Series, the Shred Apart allows the packraft to be paddled either in kayak configuration by one person or in canoe configuration by two people.

Note: All of our Aqua-Bound paddles should be taken apart to dry before storage to prevent binding of the nylon ferrules with the shafts. The ferrules are designed with ridges to be lightly sanded if the fit becomes too tight.

Available in:

  • Made in USA
  • 6-piece convertible paddle system:
    • 210 cm 4-piece kayak paddle; or
    • Two 136 cm canoe paddles with two t-handle attachments.
  • Round T-700 carbon shaft
  • Classic push button ferrule adjusts 45R, 45L, and 0 degree offset (kayak only)
  • Full-sized abX resin/carbon fiber blades for whitewater
  • Blade Color: Black
  • Weight:
    • 40 oz. (kayak paddle only)
    • 26 oz. (each canoe paddle)
    • 52 oz. (entire system)