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Whitewater Spray Deck


Stay Dry!  Stay warm and in control!    Installed at the shop.  To add a deck to a used boat, see our Service page.

Our Whitewater Deck is the driest packraft spray deck there is!  The best choice for staying dry.

Includes Spray Skirt.


Need a Cargo Fly?  Need help? see our Buyers Guide.

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Customize your Alpacka

The Whitewater Spray-deck is our driest deck and the best option for whitewater, or anywhere you need to keep dry. We use nano-lite aluminum, and Pex-pipe poles to create a rigid, kayak style cockpit coaming. Onto this coaming fits an ultra light spray-skirt that is worn underneath your PFD like a traditional spray-skirt. This spray-deck has taken our packrafts to a new level of performance and reliability in challenging waters.

Includes two Aluminum Poles, two Pex-pipe Poles, and an ultra light Spray Skirt.

Deck portion is permanently attached to the boat and is not removable. If you prefer the option of having both a spray-deck and an open boat, see the Cruiser Spray-deck

Made for use with the included Alpacka brand skirt only, not compatible with standard kayak spray-skirts.

Deck, Poles, and Skirt weight:  ~1lb. 10 oz. (0.74 kg)

Need a Cargo Fly?  Need help? see our Buyers Guide.

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