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The Vjosa River: Europe’s Unknown Wild Jewel

Climb, Paraglide, Packraft: 3 Adventurers Raise Awareness for one of Europe’s Last Remaining Wild Rivers European explorers Sean Villanueva, Nico Favresse, and Tom De Dorlodot recently spent a few weeks on Albania’s Vjosa River (aka the Aoös) to raise awareness for the threats to the river, including numerous proposed dams. Check out our Q&A with Villanueva to find out more […]

Monica Morin on packrafting safety
Packrafting Safety

Safety First – Packrafting

In this video, packrafter Monica Morin presents Packrafting Awareness to help prepare packrafting enthusiasts for the upcoming season. Mimicking Avalanche Awareness education, this hour and a half talk is an introduction to what you need to know prior to getting on the water. Packrafting is growing exponentially as these light, stable, and durable tools are […]

Andrew Wracher on bikerafating and bikepacking
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Rad Business Profile: Andrew Wracher on the Growth of Bikerafting

Bikepacking + Packrafting = BikeRafting Andrew Wracher started Bedrock Bags back in 2012 when he had heard about “this thing called bikepacking”. He sewed personal projects for a decade, building up a set of bags for his own bikepacking adventures. He mostly copied existing stuff, but threw some ideas of his own in. One day he took his […]

"Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun make the first descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan by packraft." Rider and Edmund Le Brun make the first descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan by packraft. This is their joint account of the adventure.
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Packrafting Afghanistan

Packrafting Afghanistan – 1st Descent of the Oxus River Story & photos by Jonathan Rider Rafting in Afghanistan. Sounds fun. Packrafting Afghanistan. Even better. In September 2015 Edmund Le Brun and I made the first descent of the Oxus River from its source in the Afghan Pamir to the border with Tajikistan. By most standards […]

Monica Morin in Honolulu
Packrafting Safety

Packrafting Safety & Prep

Multisport Adventurer & Alaskan to Teach Packrafting Safety & Awareness Classes If you are unable to attend these packrafting safety courses, presenter Monica Morin will be video taping them. We will share the videos once they are published. Dates for her presentations include: June 12th, 6p.m. at Beaver Sports in Fairbanks and August 1st, 6p.m. at REI Anchorage. Many […]

Robby loads his boat up on day 12.  All his stuff is in the tubes so he only had to rig up the front drybag with the essentials - lunch and a few extra layers.  
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Floating The Border – How Trump’s Wall Might Affect the Rio Grande & Communities Around It

Packrafting the Rio Grande to Discover the Consequences of the Border Wall In January 2017, Richard Forbes, Peter Levin, Robby Dohrn, and Gus Griffin floated along the Rio Grande for 11 days as the narrative backbone for an environmental documentary. The Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande, just downstream from Big Bend National Park, is designated […]

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Awesome Adventure Blogs That Include Packraft Adventures

What’s a Packraft Adventure? Discover a plethora of packrafting, bikepacking, rock climbing and other adventure stories on these awesome blogs by some of our inspiring Super Users–Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, Dulkara Martig, Mike Curiak, Luc Mehl, Shirine Dugan, Shirine Dugan, and Roman Dial. Photographer and professional mountain biker, Steve “Doom” Fassbinder (pictured above) just built a new […]

January’s dramatic winner is a self portrait submitted by Paxson Woelber.
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Calendar Contest Winner- January 2016

2016 Alpacka Calendar Contest: January January’s dramatic winner is a self portrait submitted by Paxson Woelber. “Packrafting the ice canyon at the mouth of Campbell Creek, in Anchorage, Alaska. Extreme tides and running outflow prevent permanent ice from forming over the whole channel, even when temperatures are below zero. Successive tidal flows cause ice to build […]