“Off the island of Oronsay there is a small skerry named Eilean nan Ron, a gaelic name meaning island of the seals. We paddled out there as quietly as we could, rounding the corner to see a dozen or so lazing on the rocks, snorting indignantly at each other and doing a very good impression of some grumpy geriatrics. They were beautiful to watch. After a while we left them to it, and rode the strong tide race down this channel, with the Paps of Jura and the famous whisky-producing island of Islay in the distance. There was always at least one seal bobbing alongside to keep an eye on us until we had been safely escorted off the premises.” Photo: Annie Lloyd-Evans
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Bikeraft Scotland – Two Adventurers Inspire with Instagram Photo Gallery

Huw Oliver & Annie Lloyd-Evans Showcase Stunning Bikeraft Scotland Shots in Recent @Alpacka_Raft #InstagramTakeover Scottish adventurers Huw Oliver and Annie Lloyd-Evans recently took over our Instagram page to showcase their bikeraft Scotland photos. You can read more about their trips on Oliver’s blog, including his latest, “Way out West: Bikerafting in the Outer Hebrides.” Here’s a teaser from that […]

Conservation Efforts

100 Colo. Businesses Urge Senators to Protect America’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Colorado’s Outdoor Industry Companies Seek to Protect National Treasure — The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge This summer more than 100 Colorado outdoor businesses, including Alpacka Raft, asked the Colorado congressional delegation to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by leaving it closed to fossil fuel development. Senator Cory Gardner could be a crucial vote on protecting this […]

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Packrafting Sjaunja – A Swedish Paddler’s Paradise

Three Adventurers Explore One of the World’s Largest Unmodified Natural Areas Cultivated by Humans Check out our Instagram page August 3-6 to see more stunning shots of Sjaunja. Adventurer and packrafter Caj Koskinen recently reached out to us to share some of the stunning photos he shot while packrafting through a remote nature reserve in […]

The Belgiums, Aoos River, Northern Pindos National Park, Greece. Photo: Andrew Burr
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The Vjosa River: Europe’s Unknown Wild Jewel

Climb, Paraglide, Packraft: 3 Adventurers Raise Awareness for one of Europe’s Last Remaining Wild Rivers European explorers Sean Villanueva, Nico Favresse, and Tom De Dorlodot recently spent a few weeks on Albania’s Vjosa River (aka the Aoös) to raise awareness for the threats to the river, including numerous proposed dams. Check out our Q&A with Villanueva to find out more […]

Monica Morin on packrafting safety
Packrafting Safety

Safety First – Packrafting

In this video, packrafter Monica Morin presents Packrafting Awareness to help prepare packrafting enthusiasts for the upcoming season. Mimicking Avalanche Awareness education, this hour and a half talk is an introduction to what you need to know prior to getting on the water. Packrafting is growing exponentially as these light, stable, and durable tools are […]

Andrew Wracher on bikerafating and bikepacking
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Rad Business Profile: Andrew Wracher on the Growth of Bikerafting

Bikepacking + Packrafting = BikeRafting Andrew Wracher started Bedrock Bags back in 2012 when he had heard about “this thing called bikepacking”. He sewed personal projects for a decade, building up a set of bags for his own bikepacking adventures. He mostly copied existing stuff, but threw some ideas of his own in. One day he took his […]

"Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun make the first descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan by packraft." -Sidetracked.com Rider and Edmund Le Brun make the first descent of the Oxus River in Afghanistan by packraft. This is their joint account of the adventure.
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Packrafting Afghanistan

Packrafting Afghanistan – 1st Descent of the Oxus River Story & photos by Jonathan Rider Rafting in Afghanistan. Sounds fun. Packrafting Afghanistan. Even better. In September 2015 Edmund Le Brun and I made the first descent of the Oxus River from its source in the Afghan Pamir to the border with Tajikistan. By most standards […]