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Gravity Grip
Price: $50.00

The Gravity Grip boosts stability and handling in white water and choppy seas.

  • Alpacka Raft has a great solution for all of you that want to be more "connected" to your boat and want to keep it "clean and simple."   Enter the Gravity Grip.

    This air bag is designed to wedge securely between your knees and give you a big boost of stability and handling in your boat.  It is specifically designed to work with the whitewater deck, but it will work with the cruiser deck as well as long as you don't inflate the center piece of the cruiser deck fully. 

    One of the side benefits of the Gravity Grip is it keeps the whitewater spray skirt from sinking down when hit with big waves. 

    If you dump and swim, the Gravity Grip slides out with you.  It is not attached to the boat in any way so there is nothing to catch your legs or your feet as you exit.  It will become a free floating piece in the water.  We don't recommend putting any kind of leash connecting it to the boat.  Upon exit a leash could produce an entanglement issue.

    The Gravity Grip weighs 7 ounces and makes a great camp pillow, seat, or backrest.  Just be careful about setting it on sharp rocky ground. 

    **Important Note**  Due to a risk of entrapment, the Gravity Grip may only be used with Alpacka Raft authorized accessories and modifications to the cockpit of Alpacka Rafts, such as properly installed Alpacka Raft seats. This Gravity Grip should not be used in conjunction with any unauthorized modifications to the cockpit of your Alpacka Raft, including but not limited to thigh straps.

Gravity Grip
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