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Born in Alaska, Built for the World

Alpacka packrafts are rugged, hand-built wilderness boats.  Whether used for fishing a remote alpine lake, descending whitewater, or just exploring a little wetland on the side of the road, they make wilderness boating accessible.  We build them to be fun, and to last.

Click here for a comparison chart of weights and measurements for all our boats.

Our smallest all-purpose boat, the Alpaca is perfect for small whitewater paddlers, adventure racers, and long-distance trekkers.
Yukon Yak
The Yukon Yak is our versatile mid-sized boat, and a good fit for most paddlers.
Denali Llama
The Denali Llama is our largest all-purpose / whitewater-style raft, great for taller paddlers, large cargo, or two people in the right situations.
Lightest and simplest of all Alpackas, the Scout is a river-floating / lake boat for calm and C-II water. Weight: 3 lbs. 3 oz.
The big boy's Scout - intended for use on easy flowing rivers and calm lakes.
Fjord Explorer
The Fjord Explorer is our rowboat, heavy-cargo freighter, "moose boat," and much more.
Unrigged Explorer
An Explorer hull without the extras: no oarframe, oars, skeg, or seat.
Explorer 42
The Explorer 42 is an upgraded version of the Double Duck, still intended for two paddlers but with a bow like the Explorer it is capable of up to Class II rapids.
Double Duck
Our 2-person calm water boat is designed to be paddled by two people with gear, either canoe-style or with two kayak paddles.
Alpacka Gnu
This is a two-person boat geared toward adventure racing and fishing.
The Vintage Roe Boat
Designed with retracting floor to give easy access to the backcountry for the avid fisherman.

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