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Denali Llama
Price: $895.00 - $945.00

The Denali Llama is our largest all-purpose / whitewater-style raft, great for taller paddlers, large cargo, or two people in the right situations.

  • The Denali Llama is our largest all-purpose / whitewater-style raft. It is 4.5 inches (0.11 meters) longer than the Yak, allowing for larger packs and longer legs. People taller than 6 feet (1.88 meters) generally find it the best size for whitewater and general-purpose boating.

    Two-Person Fords, & Ferries: The Llama has plenty of flotation for two people on a short crossing, as long as you don't mind getting cozy. For this reason, we recommend the Llama as an option for couples or small groups who want to do calm river fording or limited flatwater crossings.  A single paddler can ferry all the packs and travelers, one passenger at a time. This technique allows groups to safely cross water obstacles with minimal equipment.

    Cargo & Hunting: The Llama is often suitable for hunters,since its large size lets it accommodate larger backpacks and gamebags, especially hunters for whom the Llama would otherwise be a littlebig.  For those hunters who would find the Llama a normally well-fittedboat, you may wish to "shift up" and look at the Unrigged Explorer.


    Note about Multi-Color orders:  "FACTORY CHOICE" means that the folks at Alpacka will choose a multi-stripe color combination for you based on what is in stock (at no extra cost).  If you would like to custom order colors of your choice, download and complete this file showing the colors and the preferred placement.  A custom order costs an additional $50.

  • Weight:
    5 lb. 3 oz. (2.4 kg)
    Max Outer Length:
    94 in (239 cm)
    Max Inner Length:
    51 in (129.5 cm)
    Max Outside Width:
    37.5 in (95 cm)
    Max Inside Width:
    14.5 in (37 cm)
    Bow Upturn:
    4 in (10 cm)
    Tube Diameter:
    12 in (30.5 cm)
    Boat, basic repair kit, stuff sack, inflation bag. Removable seat & seat back, 2 stern grab-loops, 4 bow grab-loops.
    Color Choices:
    Blue, Cedar, Red, Yellow, Multi-Color (FACTORY CHOICE or $50 custom)
    Roll Down Size:
    This raft rolls down to the size of a two person backpack tent. In both size and weight think of adding an extra (ultra lite 2 person) backpack tent to your pack. The stuff sack that it fits into dimensions are 9" x 24" (23 x 61 cm).
    Optional attached spray deck.

Denali Llama
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