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Fjord Explorer
Price: $1,350.00

The Fjord Explorer is our rowboat, heavy-cargo freighter, "moose boat," and much more.

  • The Fjord Explorer is a light, portable rowboat for one or two people.  It's great for fishing, flatwater exploration, and as a small roll-away sailboat tender.  It can be rowed with its collapsible oarframe and oars, or paddled kayak-style.

    With its extra-long hull and added flotation, the FE is designed with the capacity for a passenger or extra cargo.   An attachable skeg improves open-water tracking in rowboat configuration, and a removable, an elevated seat improves rowing comfort and ergonomics, and the entire boat can be stripped down to "Unrigged Explorer" configuration for backcountry trips and hunting. The Explorer is a multi-configuration boat, loaded with features.

    Using the Fjord Explorer:

    As a Rowboat: The Fjord Explorer utilizes a 1.5 lb oarframe and special-built 16 oz. oars.  Both can be disassembled for packing, and the oars can be reconfigured to form a feathered kayak paddle, or two short, canoe-style paddles.  The Explorer is easy to row, and can reach speeds of approximately 2.5 knots. Rowing allows you to achieve and maintain this speed efficiently, making it easy to cover distance.  The raft itself is built to the same rigorous standards as all our boats, but the oarframe and oars are not designed for whitewater - so you'll want to paddle your Explorer "unrigged" if you're running a rocky river.

    As a Traditional Raft: Stripped of oars and oarframe, the Fjord Explorer becomes an "Unrigged Explorer."  This conversion takes only a few minutes. The oars can be reconfigured into a kayak paddle, and the oarframe, skeg, and extra seat all removed. The result is a raft with greater internal volume and flotation than any of our other boats except the Double Duck, our specialty 2-person boat.  More info on the Unrigged Explorer page.

    As a Two-Person Boat: The Fjord Explorer is designed so that it can be used on flatwater by two people.  This can be done either rowing (usually witth the second occupant sitting on the bow tube) or unrigged.  It's cozy, but it'll do it.

    Skeg: The Fjord Explorer comes with a Velcro®-attachable skeg to improve tracking on lakes and open water. The skeg is not intended for shallow water & rapids.

    Elevated Seat: The Fjord Explorer also comes with a detachable, elevated rowing seat. This seat can be used as intended, left at home to save weight when you're going light, or used as a separate seat-pad by a second occupant. The elevated seat also provides an improved platform for fishermen to cast from.

  • Weight:
    Raft: 5 lb. 10 oz. (2.6 kg); Oars: 2 lb 6oz. (1.1793 kg); Rowing frame: 1.5 lb (0.6 kg).
    Max Outer Length:
    95 in (241 cm)
    Max Inner Length:
    53 in (134.5 cm)
    Max Outside Width:
    37.5 in (95 cm)
    Max Inside Width:
    14.5 in (37 cm)
    Bow Upturn:
    Tube Diameter:
    12 in (30.5 cm)
    Fjord Explorer raft, oarframe, breakdown oars, removable seat & removable elevated rowing seat, detachable skeg, sil-nylon stuff sack, repair kit, inflation bag. 2 stern grab loops, 4 bow grab loops.
    Color Choices:
    Blue, Cedar, Red, Yellow
    Roll Down Size:
    Approximately 8" diameter x 24" for the raft. Other components take up some additional space.
    The Fjord Explorer can be equipped with a spray deck, but the deck and oarframe can't be in operation at same time, so you'll need to stow the deck for rowing. Allow a few days for this mod: we'll need to custom-lengthen a Llama deck.

Fjord Explorer
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