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Manta Ray Fiberglass
Price: $135.00

The fiberglass-shafted Manta Ray Fiberglass is a tough, less expensive paddle. It breaks down into 4 pieces.

  • The economical workhorse. 

    The fiberglass-shaft Manta Ray Fiberglass is an excellent value, and a good all-round paddle.


    The Manta Ray is almost identical to the Splat Carbon Fiber, only it's built of fiberglass and other less advanced materials.  It's a great whitewater and general-purpose paddle, like the Splat, but is slightly less durable and has a "softer" stroke at peak power, due to the less rigid materials.  We use the Manta Ray comfortably in everything but the roughest uses.

    The Manta Ray is a solid paddle in its own right.  For boaters who are sticking to Class III and lower water and aren't "gear destroyers" the Manta Ray is comparable to the Splat.

    Care & Feeding

    The most important Manta Ray maintenance is to store it disassembled when it is wet.  If stored assembled and wet, the nylon ferrules (plugs) can absorb water and expand inside the carbon fiber shaft, resulting in a stuck or "locked" paddle.

    Over time you may notice your paddle's assembly fit getting tighter.  This is due the close tolerances necessary to manufacture a really solid paddle, the shaft curing (hence shrinking in internal diameter) and the nylon ferrules slowly absorbing moisture and exanding.  Light sanding of ferrules is all that's necessary to keep it in fighting trim.  If it's tight going on, it'll be tight coming off.

    This paddle is discounted 10 percent when purchased with a boat.

  • Weight:
    34 oz.
    Blade Angle:
    60 degrees feathered left, right, and flat
    Blade Size:
    7.25 in. x 18 in.
    Shaft Material:
    More Info:
    Please visit Aquabound's website for more information about paddles.

Manta Ray Fiberglass

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