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Price: $295.00

The Sawyer is a superb multi-purpose paddle: light, versatile, and adjustable in feathering and length. It breaks down into 5 pieces.

  • The ultimate mixed-water packraft paddle.

    The Sawyer Packraft Paddle is light, adjustable, and beautiful.  At 29 oz, the Sawyer adjusts in length from 205cm to 230cm and offers unlimited settings for feathering.


    The Sawyer is designed for mixed water, light carry weight, and versatility.  With its adjustable length, the paddle can be short for whitewater and long for flatwater paddling.  We normally use the Sawyer for most of our paddling up through Class III, and especially when we're doing long hike-ins or have long flatwater stretches.

    The Sawyer is highly refined paddle, lighter than the Splat or Manta Ray.  If you're brutal on your gear or doing hard whitewater, we recommend a Manta Ray or Splat.

    The length-adjustability of the Sawyer also makes it an excellent tent post for use in mega-mid style tents.  It has been used extensively with Mountain Laurel Designs tents.

    Construction & Maintenance

    The Sawyer is a 5-piece breakdown paddle.  The shaft pieces are carbon fiber, the internal ferrule is nylon, and the ultra-light blades are made of laminated Western Red Cedar reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Sawyer's ToughEdge Dynel edge protectant.  Thanks to the laminated blade construction, blade cracks and fractures, if they occur, seldom damage the function of the blade and can be repaired with epoxy or Aquaseal - a handy feature in remote conditions.  This version of the Sawyer wood paddle - with a scaled down blade and with extra fiberglass reinforcement on the blade - is made exclusively for Alpacka Raft.

    The primary maintenance trick with the Sawyer is not to store the pieces assembled when wet.  Carbon fiber cures (shrinks) over time, and nylon absorbs water over time - so if you store a breakdown paddle wet and assembled, the nylon can expandand "lock up" the paddle.

    This paddle is 10% off when purchased with a boat.

  • Weight:
    29 oz. (.822 g)
    Blade Angle:
    Any Left or Right
    Blade Size:
    (L) 17 3/4
    Shaft Material:
    Carbon Fiber
    More Info:
    Visit this website for more information about Sawyer Paddle & Oars.

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