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Extra Tiedowns
Price: $5.00

Unattached "Grab Loops" and "Strap Plates" you can glue on yourself, for securing cargo, handles, mooring lines, etc..

  • We sell loose attachment points, which you can glue onto your boat.  These tiedowns come in two types:

    • Grab Loops have a webbing loop to tie or clip things to.
    • Strap-Down Plates, also called "Strap-Downs" or "Strap Plates" have two 1" slots that you can thread straps through, for strapping things to your Alpacka.  Above, a strap-down is pictured with a strap installed, holding the oarframe on a Fjord Explorer.

    Our boats come standard with 4 bow grab loops and 2 stern grab loops.  However, you may want additional grab loops if you're going to carry long objects (such as skis or fishing pole cases) on the sides of your boat, or if you wish to carry extra, unusual, or quick-access equipment.

    To attach an additional grab loops, check out Gluing to Your Boat.

  • Weight:
    0.2 oz

Extra Tiedowns
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