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Made to Order Packrafts –  Handcrafted in Mancos, Colorado


Our Story

Welcome to Alpacka Raft. We are a community of genuine, self-reliant and creative eccentrics, enthusiastic about unique adventure and passionate about our product. Our values reflect the history of our boats and the makers who design, craft, and use them. We recognize our packrafts give people an incredible freedom to explore; they are tools that help people actualize adventures, even ones yet to be imagined. And so we encourage explorers to use them with a beginner’s mind because there are no rules with a packraft, except to have fun, be safe, and to not take life too seriously. Always remember, each person has her or his own great journey to discover. 

We built the first Alpacka packraft in a Chugiak, Alaska basement, fall 2000. Since then, we have led the industry in research and development, pushing the boundaries of design, reliability, advanced materials, and an established infrastructure for customer service that allows for quick and easy repairs or upgrades. Our packrafts continue to refine and define the sport. They are bombproof tools of exploration, bolder and more rugged than the most skilled athletes using them, but so stable and streamlined they’re perfect for entry-level adventurers. Our rafts can take you anywhere.


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