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A Bikerafting Film: Helen’s Story

Helen’s Story Follow her journey on the first bikerafting instructional course in New Zealand through Packrafting Queenstown. Story, Photos and Film by: Deane Parker of Deane Parker Adventure Channel.  Bikerafting for me was my introduction to Packrafting, I’d paddled a packraft for about 4 hours prior to loading a bike on a […]

Katie Guest: A love for water never dies.

A love for water never dies. A story by Team USA Triathlete Katie Guest Story and Photos | Katie Guest Some athletes describe something called the “flow state”. It is described in many ways but is essentially a mode in which a person’s muscle memory and body can do a […]

Packrafting Podcast: William Vandoorne

Adventures with Willem Vandoorne, a Belgian with a love of long journeys in remote places. And enjoy a new “The Packrafting Podcast” episode to inspire you for the New Year!  Words by Dulkara Martig | Photos supplied by Willem Vandoorne Willem Vandoorne is a packrafter from Belgium, who has a […]

A packrafters paradise: South West New Zealand – Te Wāhipounamu

A packrafters paradise: South West New Zealand – Te Wāhipounamu Alpacka Raft Ambassador, Dulkara Martig, tells us about one of her favorite parts of New Zealand. And, she introduces us to one of its most prolific packrafters, Stanley Mulvany.  Words by: Dulkara Martig | Photo above: Scotty Sinton There’s a […]

The Packrafting Podcast

The Packrafting Podcast Dulkara Martig, Alpacka Raft athlete, has just launched the first podcast specifically dedicated to packrafting, ‘The Packrafting Podcast‘. We asked her why she’s doing it and to tell us a bit about the first episode. About ‘The Packrafting Podcast’ from Founder, Dulkara Martig. My goal is that […]

Lituya Bay to Haines: Ski-Mountaineering and Packrafting

Lituya Bay to Haines A ski-Mountaineering and packraft traverse in Southeast Alaska. Written by: Dulkara Martig Photos by: Dulkara Martig and Christian Martin A few years ago an email popped up in my inbox with ‘temptation awaits’ in the subject line. It was Friday afternoon, I was five days into […]

Broken Roads—A journey through Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas.

Broken Roads—A journey through Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas. Story, Photos and Film By: Annie Lloyd Evans Featuring Annie Lloyd Evans and Huw Oliver This is my pee bottle, don’t be alarmed if you see me using it in the night”. Quite forward from a man id […]

Photographer Andrew Burr on Adventure, Photography & Packrafting

Andy trying to find his way around the Great Salt Lake. 📸: Steve Fassbinder.

Adventure Photographer. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah “When it comes to photography, I’ve learned throughout the years that it’s best to go into any situation or trip with an open mind creatively so that you’re aware of any and all photographic possibilities,” says long-time adventure photographer and new Alpacka […]

Kayaker-Turned Packrafter, Casey Fulton Has Explored the World

Casey Fulton, Grand Canyon, Jan 2018 DSC05558_1024

Photographer, Adventurer, Aspiring Nurse, Lives in Missoula, Montana For Casey Fulton, the creative process of planning adventures begins with picking a part of the world, staring at maps, and then imagining creative ways to connect whitewater rivers and ridgelines. “The idea turns into an obsession, and then finally I tell […]