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Category Archives: Athletes & Ambassadors

The Trippin Crew: Alastair Parkin, Joe Flanagan & Sam Flanagan

Trippin Fellaz: Joe Flanagan. Photo by Sam Flanagan.

Athletes, Film Makers. Live in the United Kingdom The Trippin trio thrives off riding bikes in the mountains. Their adventures primarily “spring randomly” from some small amount of interesting learned information about a place. And then, says Alastair, they try to think how to make it different. Over the years […]

A Dream Packrafting Adventure Down the Franklin River

Packrafting Tasmania

Dulkara Martig actualizes a nine-day dream trip packrafting Tasmania, down the Franklin River  By Dulkara Martig. Photos by Dulkara Martig and Ben Weigl. The Franklin River offers one of the most impressive multi-day whitewater journeys to be found anywhere. It winds its way 120 kilometers through one of the most […]

Jacob Moon – Adventure Photographer, Insta Success Story

Jacob Moon, photo by Chris Brinlee Jr.

Adventure Photographer, Avid Packrafter An adventure Photographer, living in Bellingham, Washington, Jacob Moon imagines human-powered adventures, free from all man-made obstacles and restrictions, in the blank spots he finds on maps. And with his favorite tool, Google Earth, he often gets just enough information about the unknown to go and […]

Climbing, Packrafting, Adventure – Miah Watt Captures it All on Camera

Jeremiah Watt profile feature photo

Adventure Photographer. Lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeremiah “Miah” Watt started shooting photos in the late 90’s after an internship went awry, he dropped a business degree, and signed up for photo classes. “Shooting allows me to lose myself in an objective and come out the other side with […]

Fluid Trails – Bikerafting Kahurangi National Park

Fluid Trails - Bikerafting Kahurangi National Park

Fluid Trails – An Epic Bikerafting Adventure Through New Zealand’s Kahurangi National Park.  “Fluid Trails” follows three adventurers as they embark on a bikerafting adventure across Kahurangi National Park, New Zealand using mountain bikes & three packrafts. The park is an ancient place of rare birds, rolling alpine tussock, earthquake […]

Paolo Marchesi – Photographer, Fly Fisherman, Packrafter, World Traveler

Paolo Marchesi & Argo.

Professional Fisherman, Adventure Photographer. Lives in Bozeman, Montana Paolo Marchesi’s packrafting adventures focus primarily around fishing and finding solitude and natural beauty. He researches remote places he wants to fish, and then figures out how to get there. “The freedom to explore makes me feel alive, and is so fundamental […]

Get “Summer Strong” for Paddling Season with Sarah Miller Histand

Sarah Miller Histand with Summer Strong paddling training for backcountry packrafting.

A Q&A with Sarah Miller Histand, multi-sport adventurer and fitness trainer An an outdoor athlete from Alaska, Sarah Miller Histand’s experience in the backcountry includes multiple finishes at the Alaska Wilderness Classic and big multi-sport adventure traverses of some of the world’s most expansive landscapes. We first met Sarah at […]

Roman Dial – Hellbiker, Author of the Definitive Packrafting Guide

Roman Dial in Alaska. 📸: Brett Davis.

A Professor of Biology and Mathematics and Adventurer, Roman Dial lives in Anchorage, Alaska, with his wife, Peggy. Read “The History of Bikerafting” for more on Dial. Photos by Brett Davis. Sometimes when Roman Dial sees a new tool for traveling—mountain bike or packraft, for example—it triggers his imagination for […]

Fluid Trails-Three Adventurers Bikeraft New Zealand’s Second Largest National Park

Fluid Trails - Kahurangi Bikerafting Epic, The Film

Kiwi adventurer Deane Parker is at it again, filming a bikeraft adventure to a remote New Zealand national park to highlight opportunities that flow from the economic growth of trail development. Fluid Trails – Kahurangi Bikerafting Epic Seeking Bigger, Longer, Harder Adventures After a successful bikeraft adventure that he captured […]