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Category Archives: Packrafting Safety

A Bikerafting Film: Helen’s Story

Helen’s Story Follow her journey on the first bikerafting instructional course in New Zealand through Packrafting Queenstown. Story, Photos and Film by: Deane Parker of Deane Parker Adventure Channel.  Bikerafting for me was my introduction to Packrafting, I’d paddled a packraft for about 4 hours prior to loading a bike on a […]

Should It Stay or Should It Go – Packrafting Safety Equipment

Graham Kraft with foam PFD, 370-mile Logan Traverse.

Packraft Safety Equipment – Ambassador Luc Mehl’s Approach to Safety Equipment. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Alpacka Raft. Alpacka Raft’s official policy and position on safety equipment and product use is […]

Business Profile – Meet Michaela & Seon, Owners of Our Newest Retailer, Packraft Europe

Packraft Europe family packrafting

Michaela & Seon Crockford-Laserer Love Adventure, Family, and Packrafting, So it Made Perfect Sense to Them to Found Packraft Europe, the First Alpacka Raft Retailer in Central Europe. Follow the Alpacka Raft Instagram page August 27-31 to see more of their stunning photos. In 2014, Michaela and Seon Crockford-Laserer started […]

Packrafting Safety: From the Armchair to High Adventure, Part III

CEO Thor Tingey rafting some Class hard on the Elwha River. Photo by Mike Curiak.

How To Mitigate the Dangers of Packrafting By Chad Oelke, cover shot by Mike Curiak In the third of this three-part series, we explore ways to mitigate the dangers of packrafting through: acquiring paddling skills and quickly responding to hazards; how to gain experience and good judgement; common causes of accidents; […]

Packrafting Safety: From the Armchair to High Adventure, Part II

Ashley Tucker in the Gunnison Gorge, running Chukar out to Pleasure Park.

Understanding Risk & Packrafting Safety In the second of this three-part series, we explore how to alleviate the dangers of swiftwater travel, including: the basics of reading water; anticipating river flow and force; how bends, gradient, and constrictions change river flow; understanding river features: eddies, waves, and holes; reading rapids; […]