Repair Service

Your Alpacka Raft is built to be used hard in the toughest conditions. But accidents happen and your packraft will get bumps and bruises along the way.  We’ve got you covered with a full repair shop to keep your packraft running in top shape. Our repair staff are the most experienced in the business and have seen it all, from boats shredded by grizzly bears, to being run over by cars and melted by the muffler, to nicks and scrapes from a low water Escalante run. From a simple patch to a full floor reinforcement, our repair department will keep your packraft running in tip top shape.

To initiate a repair, select the option that best suits your needs from the drop down menu below, provide any additional details in the notes, and follow the instructions below. If you are unsure you may always contact us first (include a photo please!) to discuss what needs to happen and we can put together a repair estimate for you.

***You must CLEAN and DRY your raft prior to shipping it to us. This includes removing any temporary repair materials from an area you want repaired (e.g. Tyvek, or duct tape). Shipping a wet raft through the mail may cause permanent damage which is not covered under warranty. Rafts arriving dirty will be assessed a cleaning fee of $25***


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