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Sterling Rope 2.75mm Glo-Cord



Sterling Rope 2.75mm Glo-Cord

Strong, thin, high-visibility 2.75mm Glo-Cord is Made in the USA by Sterling Rope and has a reflective tracer braided into the sheath, making this cord vibrant when light hits it. Glo-Cord is a good option for lightweight general rigging use on your Alpacka Raft like lightweight lanyards, mooring lines, and for securing gear. If you are looking for a grab line, we recommend a thicker cord (5mm minimum) as Glo-Cord’s small diameter makes it difficult to grab and hard on wet hands

Warning:  Any line attached to your packraft can create an entaglement hazard, which may increase the risk of serious injury or death. You should consult a swiftwater safety expert prior to attaching any lines to your boat and always carry a swiftwater rescue knife as part of your safety equipment.

50 ft (15.5 M)  Spool.

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