TIZIP Lubricant




TiZip Lubricant

Keep your Cargo Fly zipper in good condition with TIZIP lubricant. We recommend first cleaning and drying your Cargo Fly zipper with mild soap and water. Then apply a small amount of TiZip Lubricant to a soft clean cloth (a 4-inch square of t-shirt material is perfect) and working the lubricant into the outside rubber coating of the zipper until the zipper runs smoothly. Then finish by wiping down the chain of the zipper and applying a small amount of lube to the zipper head to complete a strong seal. We do not recommend applying lubricant directly to the teeth of the zipper because it tends to attract sand.

We are out of stock of replacement lubricant tubes. We recommend the Gear Aid Zipper Lubricant 4.5g as an alternative.

Note: All Cargo Fly zippers come with a Cargo Fly Maintenance Kit. Kit includes: 8gr TiZip Lubricant, Cargo Fly Maintenance Instruction Card, and 2 x Cotton Rectangles.