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The iconic original Alpacka Raft delivering adventure driven fun from your backyard to the backcountry.

From $900

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The ultimate do-everything, backcountry adventure boat.

From $1,600

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Heavy loads, high capacity and room to stretch.

From $1,000

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The solo version of the Forager, with scaled down design that makes it perfect for one person. Great for kids, dogs, hunting and more.

From $1,650

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Quick engagement, predictable edge control, and precision handling to hit those tight whitewater lines.

From $1,525

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Stable and forgiving, ideal for building whitewater skills and confidence, carrying heavy loads, and charging hard on high volume runs.

From $1,525

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Our largest and burliest packraft, delivering two-person seating and massive cargo capacity, big and tough enough to handle any adventure.


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Our take on the classic open canoe, perfect for traversing lakes and flatwater river systems.


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Explorer 42

Our lightest and most compact multi-person packraft, great for introducing kids or taking your dog on a backcountry trip.

From $1,125

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The ultimate backcountry front end loader perfect for bikerafting and big ultralight backcountry adventures.

From $825

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Everything you need when weight and space is at a premium.


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Alpacka Raft seeks to design and handcraft the most innovative, premium packrafts available. Our packrafts are handmade by a talented group of makers and are made in the USA. We strive for a legacy of leadership, stewardship and support that allows the paddling and packrafting community, a community of diverse boaters, including those who are kayaking, whitewater rafting, river running and more, a lifetime of use and adventure driven fun.