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Safety Warning

Packrafting can be dangerous and physically demanding. The user or purchaser of packrafts & accessory equipment should understand that participating in packrafting might involve serious injury or death. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. The fabric used to manufacture these rafts is selected with lightweight and packability being the most important factor. Lightweight raft fabric can easily be punctured and this risk must be a constant consideration during raft use. Individual paddlers assume all responsibility for keeping their boats from being punctured or damaged by any of the obstacles and dangers present on rivers, lakes and oceans. The individual paddler is responsible for deciding whether it is safe to float in or across a body of water or float down a river. The individual paddler is responsible for the safe and appropriate use of accessory equipment, and for not using it in situations that the individual cannot control the boat safely. Do not float in any water in which you are not prepared to swim. A punctured tube will result in an immediate immersion in the water and you must be prepared to deal with the resulting danger. Familiarize yourself with your boat’s capabilities and limitations. Due to the wide variability of water conditions and obstacles, Alpacka Raft makes no claims as to Alpacka rafts suitability for or durability against specific bodies of water and physical obstacles. The following safety standards are recognized by the National Paddling Sports Association, and we recommend all users of this product adhere to these standards:

  1. Get paddle sports instruction specific to this type of craft.
  2. Obtain certified first aid training and carry first aid and rescue/safety equipment.
  3. Always wear a nationally approved personal flotation device.
  4. Always wear a helmet where appropriate.
  5. Dress appropriately for weather conditions; cold water and/or cold weather can result in hypothermia.
  6. Check your equipment prior to each use for signs of wear or failure.
  7. Never paddle alone.
  8. Do not paddle in flood conditions.
  9. Be aware of appropriate river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents and weather changes.
  10. Scout unfamiliar waters; portage where appropriate.
  11. Do not exceed your paddling ability; be honest with yourself.
  12. Consult a physician prior to your paddle sports training.
  13. You must not use alcohol or mind altering drugs prior to using this product.
  14. Follow the manufacturer recommendations for use of this product.
  15. If additional outfitting is added to this craft, use manufacturer’s approved materials only; do not impair entry or exit access.
  16. Read owners information package prior to using this product.
  17. The user of this product acknowledges both an understanding and an assumption of the risk involved in paddle sports.

Alpacka Raft, LLC has no way to screen the experience, judgment, or abilities of buyers. Therefore, we recommend that all users adhere rigorously to these safety guidelines.