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Service Department

***At this time we are experiencing an extremely high volume of inquiries. Response time can take up to 7-10 days and all inquiries will be handled in the order in which they are received.***

Welcome to the Alpacka Raft Service Department. Do you have an Alpacka Raft that is in need of repair or warranty consideration? Please review our warranty policy or check out our Repair and Maintenance videos to see simple tricks to help you repair your packraft.


Start by checking your packraft for...

  • If you have a leak, have you double checked to make sure the O-Ring is in your valve cap?
    If the O-Ring is missing from your valve cap, that may be the cause of the leak in your packraft. Every packraft sold includes an additional O-Ring in the repair kit, in the case you lose yours. Take a look at how the valve on your packraft works and why you need the O-Ring to make your packraft seal.

  • Is your Cargo Fly TiZip lubricated and clean?
    Often times zippers that have not been cleaned or lubricated can fail. Dirt in your Cargo Fly zipper can also make your zipper leak. Or if your zipper is not lubricated it can stop your zipper from sealing. Here is a helpful video to help keep your Cargo Fly zipper lubricated and clean. The video also shows you how to re-align the zipper teeth as well.

Before Sending Your Packraft in for Repair:

In addition to checking your O-Ring, and lubricating and cleaning your Cargo Fly Zipper, please make sure you do the following before sending your packraft in for repair:

  • Clean and dry your packraft before sending it in.
    We will charge a $50 cleaning fee if your boat is not clean or dry when we receive it.
  • Remove all repair materials prior to sending your packraft to us.
    Do you have old repair tape and residues on your boat? Please remove it prior to sending it in for repair. This includes adhesive residue, tyvek, patch n' go, tenacious tape, Aqua seal, etc. If we have to remove your repair materials, we charge $60 per hour to remove your repair materials that may be in the way of the repair we need to make.

Have questions about the items above? Watch our checklist video below or contact us at [email protected] and we can help.

Repair Guide & Materials

After looking over your packraft and are confident you can repair it yourself, we have repair materials and replacement parts to help, both good for repairing in the field and at home.

Retrofit and Repair Services

Alpacka Raft is dedicated to innovating and manufacturing the best packrafting products available. Due to the nature of our rapidly evolving designs we may or may not have parts for older boat models, and we may or may not be able to perform specific retrofits to those models.

Any time we are installing a newly developed or previously unavailable part onto a packraft the service(s) will be billed as a retrofit. This includes upgrades. These services often involve more time and effort to perform successfully and we reserve the right to determine which retrofit options are available for each boat model and year as well as the condition.

All repair and retrofit orders will need to be scheduled by contacting [email protected] and some services may be delayed or unavailable. All repairs are a 4-6 week turnaround once you schedule your repair.*

*Note: It is best to have repairs performed in the off-season or far away from planned trips.  Repair turnaround is a guideline, it is never guaranteed.  We need sufficient time with repairs to make sure all departments (shipping logistics, custom manufacturing, materials inventory, and repair and warranty) don't get overburdened alongside retail production.

Pricing Format: Repair/Retrofit

  • Patching or unlisted repair/retrofit services will be billed at the rate of $60 / hr
  • Note: For patching, we can only guarantee black patches, but if we have the material, we may be able to patch with the same color fabric as the boat in question, colored patches are just not guaranteed.

Additional pricing includes the following:

Repair/Retrofit Services

All years / models:

  • Cargo Fly TiZip Zipper: $150 / $300 (Internal Dry Bags are sold separately)
  • Attachment points: $20 / $40 + parts ($5-$10)
    (Attachment points include all of the various fittings installed on boats such as grab loops, d-rings, strap plates, floor toggles, etc.)

Post-2017 Packrafts:

Peak-season pricing (March-September)

  • Whitewater Deck Replacement: $200
  • Whitewater Removable Deck Replacement: $250

Pre-2017 Packrafts:

Packrafts older than 2017 have vastly different design characteristics that make retrofitting many of our newer features less than ideal.  We cannot perform whitewater deck, whitewater backband, four-point thigh strap, or self bailer conversions on these boats.

  • Deck Removal: Free of charge with other services
  • Temper-Assist Valve Retrofit: $100 (Includes new inflation bag)

For any custom work or repair/retrofit services not listed please submit a return authorization form.

Submit a Return Authorization

If you notice a defect or a failure in one of our products we ask that you report this issue immediately by submitting our return authorization form. We are not liable for the continued use of a product with a known issue.

Alpacka Raft does not cover shipping to our factory for warranty evaluation, but we will cover return shipping to you for an approved warranty repair.

Limit one boat per return authorization form. Multiple boats will require multiple forms.

Boats and zippers must be clean with adhesive residues removed before sending the boat in. We reserve the right to charge a flat $25 cleaning fee plus an additional $60/hr for any labor required to prep the boat for repair. Rigging that is not removed may be cut off to perform repair.


Please return this form to [email protected].