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Alpacka Series

"Packrafts inspire adventurers to reimagine backcountry travel. In reimagining it, every person has the possibility of experiencing the freedom, solitude, and joy of accessing remote landscapes."

-Sarah Tingey


The Classic is our iconic original packraft and the staple of our lineup for two decades—the packraft to own if you just own one.

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The Expedition is the ideal “Alaska” packraft for the dedicated packrafter that lives the dream of big adventures. A whitewater hull and optional thigh straps combined with a lightweight seating system make the Expedition as comfortable to carry in the pack as it is running Class III-IV whitewater.

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The Refuge is the ultimate landscape traverse packraft, perfect for multi-day to multi-week adventures with equal parts walking and floating.


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The Mule is the loadmaster of the Alpacka Series and provides extra room and gear capacity for larger paddlers - while keeping the weight to a minimum.

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The Caribou is our bikeraft, with our late rise bow to strap on a bike or heavy backpack. Its lightweight fabrics and minimalist design make it the lightest full size packraft in our lineup.

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Explorer 42

The Explorer 42 is our lightest and most compact tandem packraft. Perfect for bringing kids or dogs on your adventures. 

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The Oryx is a traditional canoe style packraft and ideal for two adults who want to paddle together on easy backcountry rivers and lakes. It can be carried in two packages that are lighter than most single packrafts.


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Alpacka Raft packrafts are the best backcountry adventure boats on the planet. The Alpacka Series is our vision of the core purpose of packrafting—elegant little boats that are light and compact enough to be carried in a backpack anywhere, and tough enough to handle any backcountry water you find along your way. All our award-winning Alpacka Series models are handmade in the USA with the finest materials and have been tested to the extremes in the most remote locations on the planet. Alpacka series packrafts include the Alpacka Classic, Expedition, Refuge, Mule, Caribou, Explorer 42 and Oryx. From backcountry travel to bikepacking or bikerafting, to mountain lakes, and big adventures, the Alpacka Series packrafts are great for your adventures.