Introducing our 2019 limited edition color scheme–Arctic Sky. We founded Alpacka Raft after a multi-hundred mile traverse exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the summer of 2000. The Arctic Refuge is not only near and dear to our hearts personally, but is also world renowned as an iconic packrafting landscape.

Unfortunately, the coastal plain of the Refuge, also known as the 1002 Area, is under significant threat of oil and gas development. This landscape is not only the terminus of many of the best packrafting rivers in the Refuge (like the Canning, Sadlerochit, Hula-Hula, Okpilak and Jago) – but also provides critical habitat for wildlife and many migratory bird species. The visual impact of oil development in this area would forever alter the packrafting experience in the Arctic Refuge.

We are proud to support several of the conservation organizations advocating for Arctic Refuge protection. In the summer of 2018, we built two custom packrafts for the American Packrafting Association’s An Arctic Refuge for All Americans project. The boats, Ms. Mardie and Olaus, crisscrossed the Refuge on multiple trips during 2018, collecting signatures and stories in support of protecting the Arctic Refuge along the way. The APA hopes to use these boats and their stories to further raise awareness for the Refuge in 2019.

Although we cannot make custom Arctic Refuge packrafts for everyone, you can still show your support for protecting the Refuge with a limited edition Arctic Sky packraft in one of the following models: Classic, Expedition, Wolverine, or Gnarwhal. A portion of the proceeds of sales on all Arctic Sky packrafts will be used to advocate for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and support our conservation partners in this important fight – the APA, Alaska Wilderness League, and Conservation Alliance amongst others.

You can get involved in protecting the Arctic’s coastal plain in several ways:

  • First, please consider supporting the conservation organizations advocating for the Refuge by becoming a member and donating money to their efforts to protect the Arctic Refuge.
  • Second, please contact your elected representatives and ask them to sponsor and vote for legislation to protect the Coastal Plain. Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) introduced The Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act earlier this year. Encourage your congressional representative to support this piece of legislation which would reverse the provision put into the 2017 tax bill that opened the Refuge to oil and gas exploration and drilling.
  • Third, the Interior Department is aggressively moving forward with plans for oil exploration. Follow our social media feeds and those of our conservation partners to learn how you can get involved during the process and make your voice heard in support of the Arctic Refuge.