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    Does your organization focus on protecting the places you love and play? If so, we provide donations to conservation-focused non-profit organizations for fundraisers, silent auctions, and festivals. We’ve partnered with many of the same organizations for over a decade, and outside of this have a limited ability to provide support. We give priority to National-, Colorado- and Alaska-based nonprofits that promote recreation, protection, access, and conservation of waterways and public lands. Donation requests must be made 60 to 90 days in advance of your event or fundraiser. Please do not make donation requests for any event less than 60 days from when you submit the form, no exceptions. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Alpacka Raft appreciates all the volunteers, advocates, and passionate folks out there making their community, club, or organization stronger. We are like-minded water and outdoors people with tons of respect for your efforts, regardless of our ability to help with a donation. If you are an organization looking for support, please complete questions to the left. Thanks for reading, and happy boating. We hope to meet you on the water someday!