Made in USA isn’t just a marketing slogan, it means that substantially all of a product, including the sourcing of its raw materials, is manufactured in the USA. We are proud to be able to say that every Alpacka Raft, from cutting the fabric to putting the final touches on a spray deck, is made by hand and shipped to you from our factory in Mancos, Colorado under the Made in USA standard. We choose Made in the USA for several reasons:

First, from the raw materials to the finishing workmanship, the quality of an overseas manufactured packraft cannot match a Made in USA Alpacka Raft. Our Made in USA materials have significantly higher tear strength, urethane adhesion, and UV resistance than the same denier fabrics sourced overseas.  Similarly, by manufacturing in house we not only get to control the entire manufacturing process, but we see and correct any issues in real time.  When you are days or weeks away from the nearest road, you need equipment that you can trust absolutely. Our packrafts have the highest longevity and highest resale value in the industry. You can get a better price on an import, but you won’t get a better product.

Second, we believe in providing living wage jobs in a rural mountain town setting.  As packrafters, we all love the mountains and the mountain town lifestyle. The only problem is most employment opportunities are at best seasonal and low wage.  American manufacturing is a solution to this issue. We provide over 15 living wage jobs with health care to our beautiful little town of Mancos, Colorado. When you buy Made in USA, you are supporting these manufacturing jobs.  If we chose overseas manufacturing, we would lose nearly 75% of our employees. By choosing an Alpacka Raft, you are supporting a much larger employee base in the USA than saving a few dollars to buy an imported competitor.

Third, we have found great benefits in having design and manufacturing under the same roof.  We have been developing new designs and innovations for the packrafting market since the beginning. Look around—almost every packraft on the market incorporates design elements developed by Alpacka Raft. By having manufacturing in the same facility as design, we know whether we have the capability to manufacture a new design and we can quickly incorporate any design updates into the product line. We know that cost is always a factor in a buying decision and it means a tremendous amount to us to have great customers who are willing to support Made in USA quality, jobs and design. We could not do it without you!