How to Inflate Your Packraft | Alpacka Raft

How to use your inflation bag, temper, and deflate your Alpacka Raft. For additional tips and tricks on valve maintenance and operation please review these written instructions.

Basic Field Repair | Alpacka Raft

The basics that you need to know to keep your packraft in good condition in the field and to make repairs as needed.

Whitewater Series Setup | Alpacka Raft

How to set up your Whitewater Series Alpacka Raft. Video covers seat, foot brace, backband, and thigh strap installation and techniques for getting the best fit. 

Note: Some of the designs and products (like the backband stabilizers) have changed since the video was made, but the methods are still relevant for the best fit and installation.

Packrafting 101: Getting Ready for the River | Media Feliz

The basics of inflation, tempering, and getting your boat ready to go for the first time.

Packrafting 101: Strokes & Eddy Turns | Media Feliz

The basic building block skills that every paddler must develop to navigate a river safely.

Packrafting 101: River Navigation | Media Feliz

The essential skills and techniques for downriver travel.