Current Production Lead Times

Most of our packrafts are built to order. We will do our best to get you your order as soon as we can, however, building a custom raft to your order specifications takes time to complete. Our current estimated lead times are as follows (Foragers are about 1-2 weeks longer):

Order DateExpected Ship Date
Prior to July 15Prior to September 25 (10 week lead)
July 16 – July 21Prior to October 2 (10.5 week lead)
July 22 – July 26Prior to October 9 (11 week lead)
July 27 – July 31Prior to October 16 (11 week lead)
August 1 – August 5Prior to October 23 (11 week lead)
August 6 – August 12Prior to October 30 (11 week lead)
August 13 – August 20Prior to November 6 (11 week lead)
August 21 – August 30Prior to November 13 (11 week lead)
August 31 – September 8Prior to November 20 (11 week lead)
September 9 – September 18Prior to November 27 (11 week lead)
After September 18Prior to December 4 (11 week lead)

Lead time estimates are most accurate as they closer to shipping. Shipping may be further delayed for custom options and backordered third party items like paddles, drysuits, etc. Please be patient and wait to contact us about shipping until you are within a week of your expected ship date.