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April 7, 2021

Packrafting Podcast: Sarah Histand


Packrafting Podcast #9 and Packrafting Workout

A Candid Conversation with mental health-informed adventure fitness trainer, Sarah Histand.

In the Packrafting Podcast, Episode 9, Dulkara Martig talks to Sarah Histand from Alaska. This candid conversation is a great one. From packrafting to fitness and so much more.

Sarah lives in Alaska, where she finds joy in many outdoor activities, from wild ice skating to backcountry skiing and packrafting. She teaches mental-health informed online fitness programs for outdoors people. 

Sarah Histand in Western Brooks Range. Photo by Luc Mehl.

I loved chatting to Sarah, we went down all sorts of tangents, from the joys of bear encounters in the Brooks Range to some of her earlier packrafting mishaps. We talk about fear management in an outdoor setting, including Sarah’s intentional approach to building her confidence and nervous system capacity. 

Sarah packrafting on the Chickaloon. Photo by Luc Mehl.

She also openly shared her challenges with fertility, something that’s super common but rarely talked about in public settings. I wanted to give you a heads up as I know it can be a sensitive topic for a lot of people. I’m a huge advocate for us sharing our vulnerabilities when we feel comfortable to. It creates a space where others feel safe to share their vulnerabilities too and with that comes a stronger community and support from those around us. Sending hugs and positive vibes to all of you going through challenging times at the moment.

That's love. Sarah and Luc.

Sarah and Luc out packrafting.

I want to acknowledge Sarah’s courage to share some of her vulnerabilities in this episode. One of my biggest goals with the Packrafting Podcast is to provide a space for us to not only chat about packrafting adventures but deeper threads in life that connect all of us. 

Listen to the Packrafting Podcast Episode #9

Listen to the latest episode with Sarah Histand in the player below:

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Sarah leading an online fitness course.

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