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Select - Patch-N-Go Kit


Patch-N-Go is a great long lasting repair film for our urethane coated fabrics. The Patch-N-Go kit is a great addition to your general repair kit, while the 3-foot long roll is a good option for long expeditions or splitting with friends to top of your Patch-N-Go kits.

Patch-N-Go is a simple clear permanent patch tape that bonds well to the urethane coating on our packrafts. Repair times can be as short as 10 minutes from drying the damaged part of your boat to getting back in the river. Patch-N-Go is requires more prep than Tyvek tape, but offers a better looking and more long term repair.

We offer both a Patch-N-Go Kit and a 3-foot roll of Patch-N-Go repair tape. The kit comes in any easy to use waterproof plastic case and includes a 6-inch strip of Patch-N-Go repair tape and 2 alcohol swabs and a plastic scraper for prepping and finishing the repair. The roll is meant for long expeditions where you may need extra material or for sharing with friends to refill your Patch-N-Go kit.