Premium parts and materials are essential to producing the highest quality packrafts possible. Over the years we have tested parts and materials from around the globe, and our test results have shown that materials and parts of USA origin simply cannot be matched for quality, durability, and performance. You can find a cheaper packraft made overseas, but you won’t find a better one.


Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a fabric by its denier and coating. The fabric source and the chemistry and application of the polyurethane coatings are critical to the performance of a fabric. Our USA origin fabrics significantly outperform similar overseas sourced fabrics used by our competitors when it comes to tear strength, polyurethane adhesion strength, UV resistance, and long term durability. We have been making packrafts for 17 years and many of our original models are still going strong due to our superior fabrics and hand crafted construction. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

210-denier High Count Nylon Heavy Duty Single Coat

Our standard packraft tube fabric is a USA woven 210-denier High Count Nylon, which is coated on one side with a highly UV resistant heavy polyurethane film developed by our USA supplier specifically for our packrafts. We only coat one side because it provides significantly higher tear strength than a double coated fabric. Made in the USA fabrics and coatings are more expensive than similar materials sourced overseas, but they provide significantly better urethane adhesion, fabric durability, and overall quality. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Vectran® Fabrics

Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. In a packraft, Vectran® fabrics provide exceptional tear strength and rigidity (due to its lower stretch) than comparable Nylon deniers, which results in a stiffer higher performance hull. While a Vectran® hull is much more resistant to tears than Nylon, it has a lower urethane bond strength and its higher rigidity makes it slightly more prone to punctures. Vectran® is extremely challenging to work with and we have spent years developing techniques to incorporate this advanced fabric into packraft manufacturing. We offer Vectran® in the following weights:

  • 400-denier Vectran® – Our 400-denier Vectran® is the burliest tube fabric in our packraft lineup, but its also significantly heavier and bulkier than our other fabrics. It is a great option if you are looking for the toughest boat possible where weight and bulk are not significant considerations.
  • 200-denier and 100-denier Vectran® – For 2017, we have finally been able to source a reliable supply of 200-denier and 100-denier Vectran®.  These deniers are our highest performance fabrics and provide almost the same rigidity as the 400-denier, but at a much lighter weight and bulk.  The 200-denier version is roughly the same weight and bulk as our 210-denier Nylon, while the 100-denier is approximately 4 to 8 ounces lighter and is our most compact tube fabric. Unfortunately, these fabrics are very expensive (over double the cost of the 400-denier Vectran® and six times the cost of our Nylons) due to their very limited supply.  We are working hard to reduce the price and will pass the savings on to you as soon as we can.

840-denier Ballistic Nylon Heavy Double Coat Floor Fabric

Our standard packraft floor fabric is a Made in USA 840-denier Ballistic Nylon, which is coated on both sides with heavy polyurethane film.  Our floor fabric is designed to optimize weight and durability in a packraft floor. All of our scrap cuttings are recycled into the base materials for our grab loops, strap plates, and other welded attachments on our packrafts.

Scout Series Fabrics

210-denier High Count Nylon Lightweight Double Coat

The Scout and Caribou tubes feature the same USA woven 210-denier High Count Nylon used in all of our standard fabric packrafts, but laminated with a lightweight polyurethane coating to optimize packability and weight savings while maintaining sufficient tear strength for the Scout Series intended uses.

420-denier Nylon Packcloth Floor. Our Scout packraft floor is a Made in USA 420-denier weight version of our 840-denier Ballistic Nylon standard floor, which significantly reduces the weight and bulk of the overall boat.  The Caribou features our 840-denier Ballistic Nylon standard floor to handle the extra abuse of carrying heavy loads on the bow in shallow waters.

Seat Fabrics

Our seats manufactured from a Made in USA light single coated 200-denier Nylon Oxford, light single coated 210-denier High Count Nylon, or a double coated 210-denier Nylon high count depending on durability, weight, and packability considerations.

Spray Decks

All of our spray decks are manufactured from a Made in USA 70-denier Nylon Ripstop with an ultralight single sided pigmented polyurethane coating Our standard spray skirts are manufactured from a 30-denier Nylon with a mixed polyurethane and silnyl coating.

Zippers, Fasteners, and Webbings

Our zippers are sourced from industry leaders YKK and Ti-Zip. Our fasteners are sourced from a YKK, Dura-Flex, and USA origin sources. All of our webbing materials are made of the highest quality nylon and polyester from USA origin.