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We’ve partnered with a variety of organizations and adventurers for over a decade. Outside of these existing partnerships we have a limited ability to provide support. We receive hundreds of requests each year from individuals and organizations doing incredibly inspiring work, so the more concise and professional your proposal, the more likely we will consider it. Please review the criteria below before submitting your request.

Sponsorship Requests

While we enjoy working with and supporting professional athletes, you don’t have to be the adventurer of the year to get support; just inspire us with your story and your dreams. We do offer loaner boats to individuals or small groups going on unique adventures from time-to-time as well.

Please don’t make requests for any trip less than 90 days from when you contact us, no exceptions. Please allow 2 weeks for an initial response and 4-6 weeks for decision on your inquiry.

Successful sponsorship applicants will agree to share a mix of high-quality photographs, video clips, trip updates and gear reviews that Alpacka Raft can use for digital marketing—i.e. our website, blog, social media platforms and emails. We’ll also expect you to tag us on social media and use our hashtags, put our logo on your website/blog/video, and publicly acknowledge our support in any presentations you do about your adventure. If you’re down with all that, answer the questions to the left and we’ll be in touch.