Change what you thought was possible in a packraft with the 10-inch tube Alpackalypse and the 12-inch tube Gnarwhal, each proudly Handmade in Mancos, Colorado. Both feature our exclusive patent-pending high volume stern and rockered hull design which increases flotation, stability and predictability, combined with our latest designs in extended coverage seating and high performance ultra-light patent-pending 4-point thigh straps. While the Gnarwhal shines at providing unmatched forgiveness and stability in the chaos of charging through large waves, holes, and eddylines, the Alpackalypse brings a more playful ride that allows a skilled boater to surf and carve through a rapid.  In kayak language, the Alpackalypse is a classic river runner with a playful side while the Gnarwhal is the high volume creeker of the packraft world.